Did Your Car Have Unexpected Problems?

Purchasing a car can be exciting but unfortunately, not all cars function as they should. If you are not informed of a fault or issue with the vehicle you purchase, you may be able to get compensation and a replacement car from the manufacturer.

Aldridge Law Group helps people across Kentucky who have unknowingly purchased a lemon, or a vehicle with an issue that cannot be repaired after multiple attempts. You deserve to receive the fully-functioning product you thought you were buying.

What Benefits Can You Receive?

Anyone selling vehicles is required to notify potential buyers of any issues with the car and repairs that may be needed. If you were not aware of a defect in the car and the repairs needed are unsuccessful after four attempts, you have a lemon law case on your hands.

You could receive compensation for:

· Repair costs

· Car’s purchase price

· Fees paid, such as licensing fees

· Cost of replacement vehicle

Our attorneys are highly skilled professionals with the ability to win against any opponent, even large entities like a manufacturing company or car dealer. You can trust us to develop a strategy for obtaining the benefits you deserve after being misled about your purchase.

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