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1 trucker’s removal from the road too late for 6 victims

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Kentucky drivers, take heart. Federal officials have removed a commercial truck driver from the road. This after he allegedly caused a string of accidents that left six people injured. It is unclear at the time this is written whether any of the victims in this case are seeking to recover for injuries and damages suffered. They should know, however, that they have a right to.

The accidents in question occurred several weeks ago along Interstate 24. According to reports, a waste removal truck with a Kentucky-licensed commercial driver at the wheel crossed the median of the freeway and continued to drive erratically into oncoming traffic. He reportedly struck at least two vehicles, and several collisions followed. Police used spike strips in their efforts to bring the truck to a stop.

Arresting officers say the driver told them that he had been operating the vehicle under the influence of illegal drugs. That prompted federal regulators to declare the man an imminent hazard and ordered him out of service, saying he poses an increased risk of causing serious injury or death to the public. Officials say that the action also means that any future violation of the order could result in civil penalties of nearly $1,800 per occurrence.

While that is certainly good news for us all, it provides little comfort to those who already fell victim to this individual’s recklessness and may be facing long recoveries and steep medical bills. For them, relief may require turning to the company that owns the truck and its insurer.