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Tips for a safer prom season

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2017 | Car Accidents |

In and around Elizabethtown, teens are eagerly making plans for that time-honored teenage ritual — prom.

While many adults look fondly back on the memories from their own high school proms, prom season can be a dangerous time for teens.

If you have a high school-age son or daughter, below are some tips that can help your child have a safer prom experience.

— Insist that all pre- and post-prom events remain drug- and alcohol-free.

— Encourage your teen and his or her friends to pledge to make healthy, life-affirming choices, and to intervene when a friend appears to be on the verge of making a dubious choice, especially if he or she is intoxicated.

— Insist that teens attend only chaperoned events, and don’t be afraid to cross-check information with other parents.

— Encourage your teenagers to have open communication with you even when the topics may be tough.

— Go over the agenda before the big night and have your teen share different ways to deal with last-minute changes that deviate from the plan.

— Send your child off with a charged cellphone, charger, cash for a taxi and debit or credit card for an emergency Uber or Lyft ride if things start heading south during the evening.

— Consider inviting a group back to your home for an early morning brunch and few hours of sleep.

— Let your teen know that you will come and get him or her at any hour, no matter what condition, sobriety or lack thereof. Agree there will be no lecture that night, but a post-prom parental meeting — with consequences — will ensue the following day.

If your teen gets injured in an accident with an irresponsible teen driver, you are his or her number one advocate. Make sure that they receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages by filing a timely claim.

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