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Avoid the 3 most common causes of car-motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2017 | Car Accidents |

If you own a motorcycle, you probably ride it year-round, even on the coldest days here in Kentucky. You are no doubt aware of your vulnerability as a motorcyclist, and take safety seriously.

Motorists often experience a momentary lapse in attention, but that could prove fatal for a motorcyclist. Here are three of the most common causes of car-motorcycle accidents that you should anticipate and hopefully avoid:

1. A car turning left

The only way you can avoid an accident when a car turns left in front of you is to be particularly alert as you approach an intersection. Even if you are only riding down a quiet street in the neighborhood, you should be aware of the possibility of someone turning left into a driveway just as you approach. Motorists are programmed to see larger obstacles like cars and trucks. You and your bike are much smaller and could be momentarily out of the driver’s sight behind a tree, a sign or some other object.

2. Lane changers

When you are riding in traffic, lane changing is a common occurrence. There may be slowing up ahead. Drivers become impatient. Are you in a lane that is moving faster than the others? Try to stay out of blind spots. Watch how drivers are behaving and be alert to what the car in the lane next to you might do. Watch tires, head movements and jerky little moves, and be prepared to take evasive action.

3. An open door

Although it is often tempting when traffic is creeping along, never take to the opening between a lane of slow vehicles and a line of parked cars at the side of the road. There is a good chance that someone in a parked car does not see you. Suddenly a car door opens, and you will have no alternative but to crash into it.

Your next move

In any of these scenarios, you could be involved in a terrible collision and your next move would be to the hospital. You may or may not be the at-fault party, but your goal is to steer clear of car-motorcycle crashes altogether. Avoiding the three most common causes of such accidents will be a good start.