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Has a rear-end collision put your promotion in jeopardy?

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Let us say you have been employed by a top manufacturer in Hardin County for the past several years and are in line for a promotion. Recently, however, you became the victim of a rear-end collision and sustained extensive injuries.

You are facing weeks of physical therapy and your chance for a better position may be slipping away. The future looks grim, but can you turn the situation around?

Experiencing a common accident

Rear-end collisions happen daily across the U.S. In fact, this is the most common type of car accident reported, and there could be a variety of reasons behind such a crash. The driver causing the collision might not have been paying attention. He or she might have been speeding, following too closely or impaired by alcohol or drugs. There could also be a mechanical failure, or poor driving or roadway conditions.

Feeling the impact

You could sustain serious injuries, even if the vehicle that caused the impact was traveling at no more than two or three miles per hour. The most common injury is a whiplash, but a neck injury could signal a herniated disc or pinched nerves, issues that might be severe enough to result in disability. The sudden impact from a rear-ender can also cause head injuries–anything from cuts and bruises to a concussion or serious brain injury.

Susatining injuries to limbs

If a rear impact causes a driver or passenger to hit the dashboard or floor, injuries to knees, legs, feet or ankles can follow. In your case, the rear-end collision caused torn ligaments and a broken ankle. Your injuries will heal in time, but you are in for a long course of physical therapy.

Seeking help

Because you will be out of work for several weeks, you believe the promotion you had anticipated might go to someone else. A personal injury attorney will tell you that you may receive just compensation not only for lost wages but also for loss of financial opportunities, in addition to other awards. It appears you can indeed turn the situation around. With an experienced advocate at your side, the future will seem considerably brighter at a difficult moment in your working life.