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Has your soon-to-be ex stashed the cash? Find it!

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Family Law |

It’s unfortunate that a divorce can tend to bring out the worst in some spouses. Often this is in regards to marital assets and resources, which may not have been fully disclosed.

If you suspect that your spouse is playing fast and loose with marital property, you have several options available. The easiest — and most expensive — way to do it is to hire a forensic accountant to scrutinize the financial records.

But if you are like most folks, you want to save money whenever possible. In that case, tune into your inner Sherlock Holmes and play detective yourself.

The first place to start is by inspecting the voluntary asset disclosures that your spouse has already made during the discovery process. Your attorney will also send opposing counsel a set of interrogatories and requests for production of certain documents to get to the bottom of the involuntary disclosures your spouse will need to make. All financial records, income tax returns, trust fund and estate documents, liens and titles are fair game during the discovery phase of your divorce.

You and your attorney will need to go over those together. Do you notice anything unusual about the answers and documents that were supplied? If so, you can challenge them by inspecting assets and resources and having them correctly valuated by an independent appraiser.

But that is just a start. Many family law attorneys schedule depositions during a divorce. Then, your soon-to-be ex will have to give his or her sworn testimony to a court reporter and both attorneys. This is evidence that your attorney can later use in court.

Don’t get taken to the cleaners by a shady spouse in a divorce. Fight for your share of the marital assets with the help of your seasoned Elizabethtown attorney.

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