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Your cellphone can be a useful tool following a car crash

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Most people carry cellphones with them these days, especially in the car. In fact, the ability to call for help in an emergency situation, such as an auto accident, may have been the major reason for you to purchase your very first mobile phone.

While you will likely place calls to the police and emergency responders in the aftermath of a traffic accident, there is another pertinent use for the modern-day cellphone.

Understanding insurance companies

You may suffer injuries in a car accident, and some may be significant. When your attorney files a claim for compensation to cover such items as your medical expenses, damage to your car and pain and suffering, a back-and-forth battle can ensue because the insurance company will have its own lawyers. Their goal will be to protect the company and its client, the driver that you say caused the accident. In order to obtain the best settlement possible for you, you must present in your favor facts about the crash.

Recording what happened

You probably know that you should obtain a copy of the police report after the accident, and that will be important for your attorney to have. Equally important, however, will be your account of what happened. You can jot down notes, if you have pen and paper, or you can simply talk into your cellphone and provide an on-the-spot verbal account of the accident from your perspective. You can also use your phone to snap photos of the crash site and the damage to your car. Take pictures from different angles; this will show the crash scene and property damage to best effect.

Photo backup

Taking pictures related to the accident will be extremely helpful, especially if you know you were not at fault. Along with a timely medical report that links your injuries directly to the crash, your attorney will have considerable evidence to present not only to the other driver’s insurance company but also to the judge if a court action should become necessary.