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Winter driving on Kentucky roads can be hazardous

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Thus far, winter has proven to be quite the cold one for most of the nation. Kentucky drivers may wish to employ the following tips to stay safer on the roads and highways.

  • When inclement weather approaches, begin listening to TV and radio for National Weather Service travel advisories.
  • Inform someone of where you will be traveling, as well as the route you plan to take and your estimated time of arriving at your destination.
  • Plan alternate routes over different roads to avoid those that tend to get icy in bad weather.
  • Pouring water on windshields to remove ice or snow can cause the glass to shatter.
  • Carry a set of extra clothing in the car in case you get stranded, wet or cold.

Getting stranded in a bad winter storm can be deadly. Stay with your vehicle, as it is refuge from the storm. Your goals should always be safety and rescue. If you wind up stranded, get all of your provisions out of the trunk and inside of the passenger area to eliminate the need to open and close your doors.

Tie a red bandanna or other bright piece of material to your car’s antenna to signal distress. If you make sure that the tail pipe isn’t covered by snow and your motor will turn over, you can crack a window and run the engine and heat for a few minutes each hour — not more than 10.

If you are stranded for an extended period, keep warmer by wrapping yourself head to toe in a blanket, spare clothing or even newspaper. Keep awake, if possible. Try making arm and leg motions to promote circulation in your limbs. Remember that eating snow you haven’t melted can cause your core body temperature to drop.

Car accidents can leave you stranded on rural Kentucky roads. If you wind up injured in an accident, keeping your wits about you can save your life. You can pursue legal claims against an at-fault driver once your physical safety is assured.

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