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Explosion causes injuries at a Lexington estate sale

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Personal Injury |

According to an article published by The Post Courier, three individuals simply attending a Lexington estate sale were injured when an explosive device went off. The estate belonged to a deceased explosives hobbyist. A man who was browsing through the items lit what he thought was a cigarette lighter but turned out to be an explosive device. The blast did not cause structural damage to the home.

One of the injured men was said to have serious injuries to both his upper body and his hand. Another man sustained a cut to his leg, and “concussion-like injures” were said of the injured woman by a spokesperson for the Lexington Police Department. All three of the injured had to be taken to hospitals for treatment. Officials did find other explosive devices on the property and detonated them safely. Two homes nearby were first evacuated as a precaution.

Any party injured in a situation such as this one should immediately contact a personal injury attorney. He or she can begin work immediately to protect vital evidence. It is a duty of any property owner to provide a reasonable expectation of safety for those who come onto the property. For someone coming to an estate sale, a reasonable expectation would be not to endure any harm. Therefore, the property owner can be found liable in neglecting that duty.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been injured on any property by an unforeseen circumstance. You may be eligible for financial compensation that can assist in your physical recovery.