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Kentucky man killed in crash involving semi-truck

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Personal Injury |

A 75-year-old Louisville man was killed recently in a crash on the Watterson Expressway. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and was reported to have several blunt force traumatic injuries. Though the incident is still under investigation, a preliminary report suggests that the car the man was driving was struck from behind by a semi-truck. That impact sent the car spinning uncontrollably into traffic causing it to hit yet another vehicle, then came to rest underneath the semi-truck.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that approximately 33 percent of all fatality involved motor vehicle crashes are the result of tractor-trailer accidents. It is believed that in more than 95 percent of crashes involving tractor trailers, the occupant of the smaller motor vehicle is the injured, paralyzed, or even deceased party.

Truckers are regulated by strict federal and state guidelines that are put in place for the safety of everyone on the road. For example, a truck driver’s driving hours are regulated so as to ensure the driver does not get sleepy behind the wheel. However, truckers are under immense pressure from the trucking industry to drive for longer hours and faster.

It is important in these types of truck accidents that any and all potential evidence be immediately located and secured, so as not to be destroyed by a dishonest driver. A logbook and black box data recorder can make or break a case, as well as bank records, receipts, and other documentation. An attorney can work to aggressively obtain this information and use it to your advantage in a courtroom. Trucking accident litigation often involves large financial compensation, whether awarded by a jury or offered in a settlement.