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Louisville woman charged with assault and animal cruelty

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Firm News |

A 33-year-old Louisville woman has been charged with assault with minor injury and cruelty to animals. The victim had just finished walking her dog and was getting into her grandmother’s vehicle when the woman grabbed her by her hair from behind and threw her to the ground. She was hit repeatedly in the head with fists and with the door of the vehicle.

The victim’s 15-year-old brother and grandmother attempted to stop the assault. The grandmother was thrown to the ground as well, and the brother grabbed the assailant in an attempt to get her away from his sister. The woman also kicked the victim’s dog.

The assailant and victim worked at the same hotel, which was also where the victim lives. The woman believed that the victim was the cause of her being fired the day before the incident. Though being told to stay off the property repeatedly, she continued to return. The victim suffered head injuries including soreness to the sides and back of her head as well as swelling to her forehead. The dog had apparent soreness to the side that the victim kicked, and the victim’s brother suffered cuts and abrasions.

Misdemeanor assault in the state of Kentucky carries a sentence ranging from probation up to one year in prison, along with a fine of no more than $500. Animal cruelty can carry a wide range of sentencing guidelines depending on the severity of the matter. A criminal attorney can assist in these types of matters by working with a prosecutor to obtain a reduced sentence or plea agreement.