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What are the most dangerous roads near Louisville?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2018 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents |

As Louisville is the largest and most popular city in Kentucky, it is also the most dangerous for drivers. So many busy and accident-prone roads intersect with each other and bring the heavy traffic and road obstacles with them.

The various roads and highways have become so hazardous that they consistently rank in WalletHub’s most dangerous highways in the United States for the last couple of years. Before you head onto one of these roads into the big city, you need to be aware of which areas are the most dangerous and how to approach them carefully.

Interstate 65

I-65 is 887 miles long and had 324 deaths between 2011 to 2015. With its 887-mile length, this meant there were 36.5 deaths per 100 miles. In 2016, it was just short of making WalletHub’s top 10 most dangerous highways of the nation. This should not come as a surprise with its long length and access to some of the state’s top tourist attractions like Fort Knox and Mammoth Cave National Park. There have already been a number of fatalities on this road this year, including one last month where an older woman lost control while exiting the ramp.

Interstate 64

I-64 goes through the northeastern part of the state and gives drivers access to many different areas. Not only does it often intersect with some of the other major highways, but it is a popular road for travelers to take when they go through Kentucky and for workers to take given the access to so many counties. When an accident occurs on this road, law enforcement force drivers to take a detour in nearby highways, giving them even more traffic and trouble and already busy roads.

Interstate 264

The loop around the south side of Louisville may not be nearly as long as the previously mentioned interstates, but it can be just as dangerous. This tends to be the road a lot of people take in case I-64 is closed or too busy, which can cause an excessive amount of traffic to frequently appear in this location. You can find an accident or fatality here in the news almost every month thanks to its close proximity to older parts of Louisville to the city’s suburbs. Fiery crashes and flipped vehicles are seen at least once a week around these parts.

How to prepare

While the amount of lanes in these highways might overwhelm unfamiliar drivers, you can take advantage of them by shifting to different areas if a fellow motorist looks like they do not have control of their vehicle. Make sure you are aware of the various intersections all of these interstates have with each other, as the chaotic merging results in at least one daily accident. Do not be afraid to have your GPS on in case the exits get confusing.

However, even the most prepared drivers can still suffer the consequences of a negligent motorist on these Louisville highways. A personal injury attorney can assist victims by helping them obtain compensation for their losses.