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How can parents navigate custody during the holidays?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Family Law |

Regardless of how Kentucky residents end their marriage, it is important for them to maintain an amicable and working relationship with one another while figuring out how their children will spend the holiday season. It falls upon the shoulder of parents to ensure they can ease the tension to create happy memories for their children for years to come. This can only be done if parents begin planning ahead of time and remain flexible regarding accommodating one another’s plan.

There are various ways parents can decide to divide holidays between themselves. One of the ways people go about this is by alternating on an annual basis. So this means, one parent may have the children for one holiday in the even-numbered years and the other on the odd-numbered years. However, this is difficult for some parents as they do not like spending a holiday without their children every year but it is important to give the kids an opportunity to celebrate with each parent. The other parent can plan ahead to fill their time with other activities that can keep them from getting disappointed.

If parents live near one another, they could decide to split the time of the holiday equally between them. This means each parent can spend some time with the kids on the holiday, but it could end up being stressful as everyone watches the clock and chaotic as children are rushed from one location to another. Others still decide to hold their celebrations the weekend before the holiday while the other parent can hold it the weekend after. Depending on the relationship between the parents, they can decide to even spend the holiday together but this is only possible when parents remain functional with one another.

When it comes to custody agreements in family law, no one size fits all. That’s why it is important for each divorcing couple to carefully assess their situation and decide what would work best for them and include it in the custody agreement. An experienced attorney may be able to help Kentucky residents devise a plan that works for them.