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How your cell phone camera can help after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents can range in severity. While some people suffer a fender bender and walk away fine, others sustain serious injuries. That was the case for three girls under the age of 10 who had to seek treatment at Vanderbilt University Hospital after a head-on crash. 

No matter how hurt you are after a car crash, you need to think ahead. You need to prepare for a potential court case, and that means having evidence. Someone should have a smartphone with a camera, and that person needs to take pictures of the scene following the collision. 

Take pictures of everything

You want to show how badly damaged both vehicles were immediately after the crash. You need to take pictures of both cars, and you want to make sure you photograph the interiors of both vehicles. You also want pictures of any visible injuries anyone sustained. Other pictures to take include:

  • The intersection itself, to show evidence of hidden signs
  • The condition of the road and whether either vehicle’s tires produced skid marks
  • The weather, especially if it is rain, snow or hail
  • The other driver’s license and insurance card

These photos can help immensely in a car accident case. Pictures can provide a clearer view of what transpired and who was ultimately at fault for the collision. 

Video any witnesses

Another vital piece of evidence is witness testimony. In the event people nearby saw the accident take place, you want to get their sides of the story. You can use your cell phone camera to record the people and get some basic information from them at the scene. There may not be time to have in-depth conversations right after a crash, so you should at least write down the witnesses’ contact information and names. You can get in touch with them later.