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5 potentially dangerous roads in Elizabethtown, KY

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2019 | Car Accidents, Truck Accidents |

A car wreck can ruin an otherwise pleasant day. If you are lucky, you only have to cope with a fender bender. Of course, because a network of freeways, roads and streets crisscross Elizabethtown, vehicles are often moving quickly. As such, you may find yourself in the middle of a devastating crash. 

Driving defensively is often your best bet for avoiding a collision. Still, you should be mindful of certain collision hotspots in the Elizabethtown area. Here are five potentially dangerous roads in Elizabethtown, Kentucky: 

1. Interstate 65 

Interstate 65 runs from the southern part of Alabama to the top of Indiana. When the freeway gets to Elizabethtown, motorists must navigate four lanes, interchanges, exits and ongoing road construction. I-65 also carries motorists between major metropolitan cities. Accordingly, the highway usually has a significant number of out-of-state drivers. Because these motorists tend to be unfamiliar with traffic patterns, I-65 through Elizabethtown can be a dangerous stretch of roadway

2. Mulberry Street 

Elizabethtown’s main thoroughfare, Mulberry Street, is a convenient way to get across town. It also has enough shopping, dining and recreational opportunities to keep you busy. Unfortunately, you must also be careful when driving down Mulberry Street. To access local businesses, you must turn in front of oncoming traffic. When the sun is low in the sky, glare can make it difficult to see other vehicles. 

3. The Elizabethtown Bypass 

Jumping on the Elizabethtown Bypass is a good option for avoiding stoplights. Still, you must be cautious when cruising on it. Specifically, you have to watch for icy roads on the elevated portions of the highway. Remember, bridges ice over before ground-level roadways. Also, the on- and off-ramps at Patriot Parkway can be confusing. 

4. Dixie Avenue 

Dixie Avenue runs directly through the middle of Elizabethtown. While the street does not look dangerous, it has some hidden hazards you should know. Specifically, intersections between Dixie Avenue and cross streets often have no signal lights. If you are not paying attention to drivers ahead of you, you could miss sudden braking. 

5. Leitchfield Road 

If you regularly drive on Leitchfield Road, you know how easy it can be to exceed the speed limit. While houses and businesses line the road, there is a significant amount of open space. Moreover, structures tend to sit back from the roadway. This configuration often leads motorists to drive too fast. 

Accidents occur all over Elizabethtown. Some roadways, though, require a bit of extra caution. By recognizing the dangerous roads in the city, you can better plan for your commute.