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How child support is determined in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Family Law |

Child support concerns are commonly at the top of the minds of divorcing parents who may wonder what they will have to pay in child support or what they will receive in child support. Divorcing parents may wonder if they will receive enough child support or if they will be able to afford to make their child support payments.

Because of the understandable concerns around child support, it is helpful for divorcing parents to understand how child support decisions in Kentucky are made. Child support decisions in Kentucky are determined by Kentucky law. The child support formula used to calculate child support is determined by considering various factors including the income of each of the parents; the number of children being cared for; the medical expenses and health insurance costs for the child; child care expenses; any special needs the child might have; and the child custody agreement between the parents.

Child support can be a challenging issue for divorcing parents to resolve. One parent may be concerned they cannot afford child support payments and the other parent may be concerned they will not have the resources they need to adequately care for their child following the divorce. The family law process will seek to determine child support in a manner that is reasonable and ensures the child is financially cared for.

In addition, parents facing concerns related to enforcing a child support order or being able to make child support payments have child support enforcement and modification options to consider. Divorcing parents should understand that the family law system provides a range of resources to help them as different concerns develop related to their child support payments.