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What to do if your teenager is in a car accident

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Unfortunately, teenagers face a greater risk of being in a car accident than adults. They do not have as much experience behind the wheel, and sometimes, this leads to tragedy. Two teenage boys in Kentucky recently lost their lives after the driver lost control of the vehicle. 

Sooner or later, parents need to let their teens drive on their own. You will not always be there, which makes it even scarier when you get a phone call from your child saying an accident just occurred. A lot will race through your mind when you hear your teen was just in a car crash, but it is vital to follow these steps. 

Get to the scene if you are able to

After you get the call, you should head out to the scene of the crash. You need to tell your child to stay right there and contact the police. It is paramount to get a police report on file, regardless of who is at fault. You can help with the collection of evidence at the scene, but most importantly, you should be there to provide emotional support to your child during this difficult time. 

Call your auto insurance agent

You need to inform your car insurance agency shortly after learning about the collision. At this time, you only need to tell the company that an accident occurred. You do not have all the details at this point, so there is no reason to speculate. If the insurance representative asks you something you do not know the answer to, then you should not guess. 

Take your child to a hospital

After speaking to the police and gathering evidence, you should drive your child to a hospital. Your teenager may say he or she is fine, but you want to make sure. It will help your claim in the long run if you know right away what injuries your teen sustained.