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Navigating the divorce process

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Divorce |

The divorce process may initially seem daunting but as long as divorcing spouses understand it, and what to expect, it should be able to help them navigate their divorce once they have made the challenging decision to divorce. The divorce process begins when one of the spouses files a petition for divorce or a complaint.

Once the petition for divorce has been filed, the filing spouse must serve the complaint on the other spouse. It is important to be aware that there are typically residency requirements associated with filing for divorce that the divorcing spouses, and the spouse filing for divorce, should be familiar with. Once the other spouse has been served with the divorce petition, they will have a certain period of time to provide an answer to the petition or to respond.

There are several different pieces of information contained in the divorce petition including identifying information associated with the spouses; the date and place the spouses were married; identification of any children from the marriage; an acknowledgment meeting residency requirements concerning the amount of time the spouse filing for divorce or their spouse has lived in the state or county; the grounds for the divorce which may vary by state; and how the spouse filing for divorce would like concerns such as property division; child custody and visitation; and other divorce-related concerns to be resolved.

Divorce can be an overwhelming time in the lives of divorcing couples and their family which is why understanding how to file for divorce and what the divorce process looks like can be useful. The family law process provides an ample amount of resources to help divorcing couples address their concerns.