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What is the timeline for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Divorce |

Couples who have made the decision to divorce can benefit from understanding what the divorce process looks like and what to expect from it. It is likely that divorcing couples have a variety of important questions they need answers to related to the divorce process and it should be a priority for them to get answers to those questions.

Understanding the divorce process can help ease some of the anxieties and concerns divorcing spouses may commonly face when they have decided to divorce. The divorce process typically begins when one of the spouses files a divorce petition which includes how they would like property division, child support and child custody to be handled. The divorce petition, or complaint, must then be filed and served on the other spouse.

The next step is for the other spouse to respond to the divorce petition with their answer. The other spouse’s answer will include how they would like property division, child support and child custody to be handled and also if they agree with the divorce. There are different ways that disagreements between the spouses may resolved during the divorce process. The divorcing couple can go through mediation to help them reach a settlement agreement regarding their divorce-related concerns. In some circumstances, mediation may be required. If the couple is unable to reach a settlement agreement, the divorce may proceed to the family law court for resolution.

Divorcing couples are always encouraged to reach agreements related to their divorce-related concerns whenever possible but the family law court is also available to help them if they cannot resolve their concerns. Resolving their concerns together, however, can save the divorcing couple time and money, as each divorce timeline will vary based on the situation and circumstances. The more divorcing couples understand about the process, the better off they will be when resolving their divorce-related concerns.