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How child support amounts are determined

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Family Law |

Most parents entering the divorce process will have concerns about child support and how it is determined. The family law process helps divorcing and unmarried couples determine child support so it is helpful for couples to be familiar with the child support process and how it works.

Child support is intended for the care of minor children to ensure that their daily needs are met. Children have a right to financial support from their parents. Knowing how child support is determined in Kentucky may be able to help parents with some of the stress they face and to ensure that a child support order that is fair to the parties is reached. Child support is based on a formula that is included in Kentucky law.

The child support formula used to calculate child support is based on several factors that are considered by the family law court when determining child support. The factors that are considered to establish child support include the income of each of the parents; the number of children; any medical expenses and health insurance costs; childcare expenses; the special needs of any child; and the parenting custody and visitation arrangement between the parents. It is important that accurate information is provided related to these factors.

In addition to child support, a family law attorney can help with child support enforcement and modification concerns if there is a job loss or other significant change in circumstances. What is most important to keep in mind is that the family law process can help with a range of child support-related concerns parents may have which is why parents need to promptly seek the resources of the family law system when they need them.