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Why driving on rural roads can be more dangerous than urban ones

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Car Accidents |

People from Elizabethtown driving on rural roads might be in greater danger of having an accident than those who are in more urban areas of Kentucky. Rural roads may seem safer, but they present a number of hazards.

For example, there are more wild animals in the country and more accidents caused by them running in front of vehicles. People might also be lulled into a false sense of safety and take more risks, such as not wearing a seat belt or driving after drinking alcohol. They might assume it is less dangerous to speed or may be careless about staying in their lanes. On the narrow two-lane roads that are more common in the country, passing presents more dangers.

There are fewer lights or no lights at all on rural roads, and this can also make driving more dangerous. Finally, when an accident does occur, medical help may be miles away. The delay in getting this help could mean injuries have more serious consequences or could even lead to a higher chance of fatalities.

When one person causes an accident through careless driving or other negligent acts that lead to other people being injured, the person responsible may owe compensation to the injured people. These injuries could be catastrophic and might lead to long recovery times. They could even be permanent.

Compensation could cover the injured people’s medical bills, vehicle-related costs and income replacement. Unfortunately, in some cases, a driver may be underinsured or the insurance company might refuse to pay the full amount needed. An attorney might help negotiate with the insurance company or may assist in filing a lawsuit. Even if the driver who caused the accident faced criminal charges and was found not guilty, a civil lawsuit could be successful since the burden of proof is lower.