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What are the most common days for a DUI?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | DUI |

There are certain times of the year and even the week that people are more likely to drive while under the influence. In addition, there are those times when law enforcement is more likely to be on the lookout for drivers who are under the influence.

MoneyGeek explains there are specific times of the year that you are more likely to have a drunk driving accident. Knowing this information can help you to be especially aware of your driving habits during these times because law enforcement is more likely to be on alert.


Some of the highest numbers of drunk driving incidents occur on and around certain holidays each year. Some of them may seem obvious. For example, New Year’s Eve is one of the days, which is not shocking since this is a night known for partying and drinking.

Also, the Fourth of July is another one. Again, this holiday is huge for drinking and parties. It is also during the summer, which means the days are longer, so there is more time to drink.

A less obvious holiday that is common for drunk driving is Thanksgiving. While this holiday does involve a big meal and family getting together, it may not immediately make you think about excessive drinking, but it comes in third following the other two holidays.

One surprise may be St. Patrick’s Day. Pretty much the only celebration for this day is to drink, so you may think it is one of the highest days for DUI activity, but it is actually only the seventh holiday when ranking for drunk driving.


When considering the seasons when drunk driving happens the most, it is no surprise that summer and spring rank much higher than fall and winter. The warm weather and plenty of sun make summer and spring a time when people are more likely to drive and to hang out with friends.

When you consider the holiday and season connection, it is no surprise the Fourth of July and coordinating weekend is the deadliest for DUI activity.