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Which mistakes should you avoid with auto accident claims?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | Personal Injury |

A few days ago, you were in a car accident. You know that your vehicle sustained enough damage to justify a claim, but do you know how to protect your claim?

Forbes examines common auto insurance filing mistakes. Protect your right to receive compensation with sound knowledge.

Neglecting to take images

Hopefully, you took plenty of images of the damage your car and all other vehicles involved in the collision sustained. If you did not snap photos of the weather and street signs around the accident immediately after the incident, go back to the scene and take care of that, assuming the weather remains the same. Take images of remaining skid marks, debris and injuries you sustained.

Making an unnecessary claim

Think twice before filing a claim. If your vehicle sustained minor damage that does not equal your deductible amount, it may not make sense to file a claim. Even if the repair costs only slightly exceed your deductible, you may still want to consider paying for the repair yourself. You do not want to risk an increase in your premiums.

Not gathering adequate evidence

If you cannot take more photos of the collision scene, you may still gather supplemental evidence to build and protect your claim. For instance, calculate the current value of your car’s amenities and features, ensuring that the appraiser takes that cost into account. Research your vehicle’s current value, minus depreciation. That way, you know if a claims adjuster offers you a subpar claim amount. If you received a police report after the accident, submit that as evidence, too.

Navigate your auto insurance claim carefully. Hopefully, you restore your vehicle and peace of mind with these tips.