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Pedestrian accidents on the rise in 2020

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Walking around the streets of Louisville should not prove life-threatening, but according to the latest statistics, it is. Car crashes involving pedestrians continue to climb.

The reasons for the high fatality numbers vary. How can pedestrians remain safe amid this kind of risk? What can drivers do to ensure walkers and bikers do not wind up part of the statistics? Take a closer look at why pedestrians remain at risk in and through the streets of Kentucky.


Distracted driving remains the top reason for car accidents and fatalities. When a driver does not devote attention to the road, it may end in a crash. The same is true for pedestrians. Walking and texting or watching videos may prove detrimental. Tripping hazards on walkways may cause a pedestrian to tumble into traffic. When pedestrians and drivers ignore the path ahead, accidents happen at higher rates.

Time of day

More pedestrian crashes occur at night. Inadequate street lighting may make it difficult for drivers to see walkers. Pedestrians dressing in darker clothing with no reflective gear or lights make it harder for drivers to see them until it is too late. Crossing the street at well-lit intersections with crosswalks may mitigate nighttime fatalities.

Street designs

In some areas, the design of the streets and the lack of sidewalks may make safe walking more difficult. A lack of designated crosswalks may encourage pedestrians to cross in dangerous areas. Construction zones along a particular route prove challenging to traverse for drivers and pedestrians alike and increase the chance of a crash.

Drivers and pedestrians alike need to remain diligent when traversing the roadways. It is the responsibility of every person to do what is right by others and follow safe driving and pedestrian practices.