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What happens to a CDL after a DUI?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | DUI |

If you have pending DUI charges, you may also have concerns about the status of your CDL. Knowing how a DUI could impact your licensure can help you plan your next steps.

Proactively seeking reliable legal counsel may help you minimize the repercussions of your oversight.

Suspension and investigation

Your DUI charges may only turn into a conviction after the completion of an investigation. Following protocols for handling such cases, authorities will assess your actions and their impact. In the meantime, you will most likely not have the privilege of operating any vehicle, especially not a commercial vehicle. According to, even if you got a DUI while driving a personal vehicle, an immediate suspension of your CDL is not preventable.

Revocation and reinstatement

Upon conviction, you will face a one-year suspension of your CDL. During this time, it is illegal for you to operate a commercial vehicle. Violating these terms can result in severe legal repercussions which may include jail time. Once you have met the criteria for having your license reinstated, you will need to pay a fee. You will also need to reobtain your licensure through the completion of all required tests and procedures.

Given that a DUI can severely affect your career, you will want a strong defense against allegations. A legal professional can help you identify the best strategies to organize the facts of your case in a manner that will give you the best chance in court. Fortunately, a DUI does not have to end your job as a commercial driver. With the right help and resolve to improve your driving habits, you can still have a successful career.