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Tips to help your teen drive safely

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Personal Injury |

When your teen reaches driving age, you have many hopes and concerns. While this milestone helps your son or daughter gain additional freedom and maturity, you also understand that teenagers have high rates of car accidents that result in personal injury.

Following a few guidelines could increase the safety of your young driver.

Teach best driving practices

The United States Department of Transportation stresses that you can have a big impact on your child’s safety habits behind the wheel. When you serve as a good role model and follow the rules of the road, you teach your child to do the same. You can also augment the training your child gets through official channels by imparting lessons of your own.

You should also spend some time talking to your teenager about the dangers of driving and drinking and drug use. Most states hold a zero-tolerance threshold for new drivers. A good discussion point involves the dangers of distracted driving, something that often plagues young drivers. Remind your child that driving requires his or her full attention and that texting and talking on the phone increases the chance of an accident.

Understand the laws for young drivers

Nearly all states now have graduated driver licensing requirements. This means that teen drivers have different rules when they first begin to drive. Kentucky, for example, grants full driving privileges as early as 17 years of age. Before that time, young drivers must meet requirements for driver supervision hours and they have restrictions on the number of passengers under the age of twenty in the vehicle.

Taking the responsibility of driving seriously, sets your child on a safer journey. It can reduce problems with the law and minimize the burdens of personal injuries.