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Motorcycle road hazards all citizens must recognize

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Motorcycles put riders in greater danger than other vehicles. When there are accidents, drivers get tossed long distances. Brain injuries are a serious possibility. Road rash requiring skin grafts can happen, along with broken bones.

Wrecks are not always the fault of the individual controlling the two-wheeler. A rider is likely to file a lawsuit when blame rests elsewhere.


Pavement is susceptible to changes in weather. Underground water freezes and expands when temperatures drop. As ice puffs up, roadways bend and crack. Once fissures appear, rainwater seeps downward and exacerbates the problem. The resulting holes and imperfections are especially treacherous for those on hogs. State governments are responsible for fixing these hazards before a tragedy occurs.


Deer present a threat to all motorists, including those on choppers. Smaller woodland creatures, such as rabbits, bunnies and raccoons, also endanger motorcyclists. Dogs are a particular problem. Some hounds have predatory instincts that spur them into pursuing bikers. Riders should carry mace in case a hound takes chase. Canine owners are responsible for restraining pets with fences and collars.


Litter can cause even conscientious motorcyclists to swerve out of control. The Department of Transportation spends more than $4 million annually clearing roads. When workers tasked with this job are negligent, chopper enthusiasts remain at risk.

Not everyone has a passion for motorized bikes. Even those who do not must be aware of the threats that impact those who do. Improving awareness within this demographic would surely decrease the number of motorcycle tragedies.