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Common injuries following a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Personal Injury |

In 2020, there were 83,000 motorcyclist injuries in the United States, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These crashes can happen because of other drivers, road conditions or user error, but each one is serious.

If you were in a motorcycle accident, you must seek medical attention. No matter how minor you think your injuries are, you could have some of the following issues.

Road rash and surface injury

Motorcycle accidents commonly lead to road rash. When your bike crashes, your protective gear may fail, and the rough cement can tear at your skin. Although surface injuries are usually not severe, you should still seek treatment to prevent infection.

Broken bones and internal damage

Broken bones and internal injuries are more severe effects of motorcycle accidents. Depending on how you wrecked, you could have damage to internal organs or blood vessels that could put your life in danger. If you have residual pain in the weeks following your accident, head to the emergency room and get checked out.

TBIs and skull fractures

The most serious forms of motorcycle injury include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and skull fractures. Because the brain is so fragile and vital to every body system, any damage to this organ can cause irreparable harm. Wearing a full-face helmet is the best way to protect yourself from a head injury while riding your motorcycle. However, if you get in an accident and hit your head, you could be facing serious danger.

While you never want to get into a wreck, safe riding practices will help you avoid harm.