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2020 was a dangerous year for Louisville pedestrians

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Louisville saw an increase in pedestrian deaths in 2020. According to Spectrum News 1, pedestrian fatalities swelled 30 percent from 2019 and 275 percent from 2012. The total for pedestrian deaths in 2020 was 30.

Walking deaths seem to be on the increase nationally. Fortunately, Louisville currently has a plan in place to decrease the number of pedestrian fatalities.

Most dangerous highways

The most dangerous roads in Louisville are the arterials. These are multi-lane, high-traffic roads, with 13 deaths in 2020 from only five highways. However, the most significant correlation for pedestrian deaths is the time of day. Every single pedestrian fatality in 2020 occurred after sunset. Exercise extreme caution when you must walk after dark.

Safety improvements

The city installed medians on some of the busiest roads to improve pedestrian safety. Additionally, city planners want to improve crosswalk timers. The goal is for drivers to see pedestrians clearly before they get the green light. Traffic planners also believe speed bumps will enhance pedestrian safety. The goal is for cars to move more slowly down residential and commercial areas. Finally, reducing roads from four to three-lane with a turn lane might reduce crashes by 20 percent, according to some public officials.

Louisville has a goal of zero pedestrian deaths, but unfortunately, the city has not come close to reaching it. City planners and engineers have several ideas for improving your safety with better streetlights, road designs and other technology. Until then, be aware of the most dangerous areas, and take extra precautions if you must walk at night.