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The risks and rewards of motorcycle travel

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Traveling via motorcycle represents a sense of freedom the avid two-wheeled transport enthusiasts. However, with that unique experience that, for many, cannot be replicated comes severe and potentially deadly risks.

Statistics reveal that traveling via motorcycle is nearly one-third more likely to result in fatal crashes compared to other motorists. The chance of injury alone is four times as likely. Simply put, many car drivers do not “see” motorcycles. That lack of protection that comes with a steel enclosure can result in devastating consequences.

Exposed and lacking protection

According to stats from 2020, nearly 83,000 motorcyclists suffered injuries. Another way to look at it is 468 injuries occurred per 100 million vehicle miles throughout the entire year.

A significant factor in severe and fatal accidents involves motorcyclists who are woefully and dangerously untrained and without valid licensing, accounting for more than a third of accidents. A license to drive a car does not automatically mean that a motorcycle is included. In fact, every state in the country mandates specific motorcycle endorsements as a supplement to a standard driver’s license.

With summer going into full swing, one of the deadliest months – August – is right around the corner. The 31-day period that sees the best weather also experiences the most accidents, with 14 percent of motorcycle-related fatalities on roads throughout the country. Conversely, January is the month that sees the fewest deaths at three percent.

Regardless of helmets and other forms of protective equipment, a motorcyclist colliding with a negligent car or truck driver can result in catastrophic consequences. Getting to the facts of a personal injury case involving two-wheel transports is paramount and mandates a skilled attorney’s help.