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How to stay safe as a pedestrian in summer

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Warm weather and long days make summer a great time for pedestrians who travel on foot or enjoy spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, the summer season can also pose unique risks for pedestrians.

Anyone who walks for transport, fitness or leisure should learn about the dangers pedestrians face in summer. It is also essential to review safety tips that help pedestrians navigate traffic.

Pedestrian hazards during summer

Summer activities and outdoor events can lead to an increase in the number of pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles on the road. Likewise, many people use summer as an opportunity to travel, take road trips and visit unfamiliar locations. These factors can increase the likelihood of crashes that involve pedestrians.

Weather conditions in the summer, including an increase in thunderstorms, can be dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. Furthermore, changing daylight hours can cause drivers and pedestrians to encounter low-light conditions at unexpected times. Longer days can also contribute to a false sense of security and diminished awareness during summer.

Pedestrian safety and accidents

Pedestrians should always adhere to traffic laws, obey signals and use designated crosswalks instead of jaywalking. Intersections can be especially risky for pedestrians, so it is important to pay attention and avoid the use of distracting mobile devices and headphones when crossing the street. Wearing reflective gear or bright clothing is beneficial when walking at night. Pedestrians should avoid walking outdoors while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, families should be aware that older adults and young children may face a greater risk of injury in pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrians can enjoy the summer season and prevent injuries by learning about potential dangers and avoiding risky behavior that can contribute to accidents.