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If you can’t work after a crash, who can you sue to get the support you need?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Car accidents can be costly. An injured driver may need to pay for vehicle repairs and medical treatment for serious injuries like brain injuries, spinal injuries and nerve damage. They may also find themselves unable to work due to their injuries, leaving them unsure how to pay for these costs.

Thankfully, a personal injury lawsuit can provide damages to offset the many ways that the accident impacted their life, including the cost of medical bills and their lost wages. Who might a driver in Kentucky be able to hold responsible for the crash?

The other driver

In many car accidents, another driver is often at fault. If the other driver was careless, like speeding, ignoring a red light, or texting while driving, they are responsible for the accident. It is vital to collect police reports, witness statements and any video evidence to show how the other driver’s actions contributed to the crash.

Car manufacturers

At times, a car accident might happen because of a mechanical issue, such as brake failure, steering issues or a tire blowout. If a defect in the car caused the accident, the car manufacturer or the maker of the faulty part might be liable.

Government entities

Bad road conditions like potholes, unclear signage, or poor road design can cause accidents too. In these situations, the local government or agency in charge of road maintenance might be responsible.

Third-party contractors

Sometimes, third-party contractors who were not directly involved might be responsible. For example, if a road maintenance crew did road work poorly or unsafely, they could be liable for an accident that resulted from that work.

The guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney can help injured people identify all parties that might have contributed to the crash and hold them responsible. A lawyer can also help them manage the complex legal and insurance issues that arise while they seek justice.

Even if you cannot work, it is possible to pay for the many expenses that arise after a crash. Identifying the people responsible is often the first step in getting the support that you and your family need to recover.