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Defense Of Charges For Assault And Violent Crimes

There are many reasons that you could be involved in an altercation without criminal intent. Nevertheless, it is possible to be arrested for assault or some other violent crime, and then you find yourself in the position of fighting for your liberty or your life in a Kentucky courtroom.

At Aldridge & Birdwhistell Law Firm, PSC, we can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the criminal case against you and advise you of your options. We provide advice and representation for people charged with assault and violent crime in and around Louisville, as well as in Elizabethtown and Hardin County.

Criminal Assaults Under Kentucky Law

An assault is generally defined as intentionally causing physical injury to another person. Depending upon the circumstances, however, different charges can be brought. Kentucky statutes list the following different types of assault and related offenses, among others:

  • Assault could be classified as first, second, third and fourth degree
  • Assault of a family member or member of an unmarried couple
  • Menacing (intentionally placing another in reasonable fear of imminent injury)
  • Wanton endangerment
  • Terroristic threatening
  • Criminal abuse (child abuse)
  • Stalking

Other statutes deal with homicide, which is defined as causing the death of another human being. These offenses are categorized as murder (a death penalty/capital offense), manslaughter in the first or second degree, and reckless homicide.

Make The State Prove Their Accusations

If the state cannot meet its burden, you are entitled to go free. In addition, you are entitled to be represented by an attorney to present all available defenses on your behalf. Common defenses to assault charges include self-defense, defense of others, defense of property or provocation. Also, you may have been arrested based on a mistaken identity, or someone may have alleged charges against you as a form of harassment. Kentucky law also recognizes a way to lessen the charge against you if you were acting under extreme emotional disturbance with a reasonable explanation or excuse.

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