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How To Formally Adopt Your Stepchild In Kentucky

When you have a stepchild who feels like your own, it is exciting to think about making the relationship “official” through adoption. While this is generally a happy time, it can also be complicated and confusing. Many steps must be taken, and it is imperative that you follow the guidelines to ensure a legally binding adoption.

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Helping Remarried Parents Unify Their Family

While it may seem unnecessary to formally adopt your stepchild when you know the love and care you provide does not change regardless of formalities, there are still reasons to move forward. Formally adopting your stepchild can provide many benefits to the child, including:

  • Sound financial footing, both now and when making arrangements for the future
  • The creation of an official family unit
  • A sense of security and stability

Stepparent Adoption: Making It Official

It is also critical to remember that in Kentucky, measures must be taken in regard to the other birth parent, whether this parent is in or out of the child’s life. Our experienced family law attorneys will make sure you follow all required steps, including:

  • Using due diligence to find/notify the other birth parent, if necessary
  • Securing authorization from the other birth parent
  • Terminating the other birth parent’s rights, if required

We’ll be here to answer all of your questions, make certain that you meet all the requirements and celebrate with you once it is complete.

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