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Protecting Your Financial Interests In A High-Asset Divorce

All divorces are painful, but in cases where a married couple has accumulated more assets, there is often a greater potential for conflict when the marriage ends. Our attorneys at Aldridge & Birdwhistell Law Firm, PSC have extensive experience with a concentration on resolving family legal issues.

As your attorneys, we can oversee the appraisal of complex marital estates and tap a network of financial and legal professionals to obtain the most accurate results. We can assist you in obtaining a fair and equitable distribution of assets, either through negotiation or litigation. We have represented both breadwinners and domestic caretakers in high-asset divorces. Our goal as a firm is to help our clients obtain the resources they need to thrive after the divorce is finalized.

Considerations At Play In A High-Asset Divorce

Divorce cases with a high-asset base to divide can be more complex and more contentious than other marital dissolution cases. Some issues commonly seen in high asset divorces include:

  • There may be high-value luxury items – such as second homes, collector vehicles and private jet aircraft – that need to be appraised by professionals with specific knowledge of the asset.
  • For the noncustodial parent, judges are allowed to use discretion to determine the level of support to be paid if your income supersedes the maximum levels of the guideline table.
  • If divorce is imminent, a spouse may engage in hiding marital assets to avoid having to give the asset up or see it divided.
  • Retirement accounts are frequently divided in a divorce, via Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), which must be precisely worded to avoid trouble down the road.

Our firm’s lawyers will diligently assess the unique circumstances of your divorce proceedings and attend to the details so that your future interests are protected.

We Will Help You Hammer Out A Fair Divorce Settlement

Our attorneys will use their broad base of experience in civil, criminal and family law to ensure you retain what you need to thrive after your divorce. We serve clients in Louisville, Elizabethtown and elsewhere in Central Kentucky. Call 270-872-0912 in Elizabethtown or 502-907-2899 in Louisville to set up an appointment, or use our convenient online contact form.